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[Amostra] Jackie Collins- Hollywood Divorces

"Principal among the characters that make Hollywood Divorces so compulsively readable are three strong, unforgettable women who find themselves walking the treacherous pathway that inevitably leads to divorce. These are classic Jackie Collins women -- beautiful, sexy, and determined to get things done their way -- succeeding in spite of the odds.Shelby Cheney, 32. The raven-haired beautiful Shelby -- a talented film actress -- is married to Linc Blackwood, a macho movie star with a yen for hard booze, nights out with the guys, and plenty of other women. Shelby continues to put up with his infidelities, because only she knows the tragic secrets of his past.
Lola Sanchez, 24. A sexy Latina superstar, Lola climbed to the top the hard way. As an unknown, Lola encountered Linc Blackwood at a party and spent the night with him. Now that she is a superstar, he fails to remember their long and steamy night together, infuriating Lola, who has revenge on her mind. Currently she is married to Matt Seel, a tennis pro who she wed on the recommendation of her advisers in an effort to distance herself from the real love of her life, Tony Alvarez, a brilliant Latino movie director with a drug habit he can't seem to break.Cat Harrison, 19. Blond, independent, a hot writer/director with a wild-child past, she has a hit movie, a rock star husband, and an amorous and powerful studio mogul determined to make her do things his way or not at all. But Cat is not a girl to be pushed around, and Cat has big plans of her own -- plans that will surprise and shock everyone."

Céus, esta sinopse é incrivelmente grande. Tirando isso, confesso que não estou muito entusiasmada por este livro, parece um enredo vulgar e típico. Comprei este livro pois estava em suuuper promoção na Fnac (apenas 2€) e porque nunca li nada desta autora, apesar de ser relativamente conhecida. Provavelmente só irei lê-lo quando não tiver nada para ler e espero que, quando pegue nele, tenha uma boa surpresa e que a minha opinião mude!

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